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March 15, 2022

Winter is Leaving: It's Time to Come Out

I have a routine with my 22 year old Jeep. It sits in the garage as soon as the weather is too cold for top-down driving — October, maybe early November. Since I refuse to put the top up anymore, it then goes in the garage and stays there until the spring. That’s about four to five months.

In the photo, the wire dropping from the ceiling is coming from a battery tender that trickles a small, steady flow of electricity directly to the battery. I also add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, although that may be overkill.

The photo above is from a few years ago before I took it in to a shop for a substantial refurbishing early in 2020. They fixed some rust spots and the air conditioning (not really necessary for a topless vehicle, but it was broken), painted a few spots, undercoating, Bluetooth stereo upgrade, LED lights, new seat covers and wheels and tires. It was finished just as the pandemic lockdown was beginning.

Over nearly two years of pandemic I’ve put nearly 500 miles on this Jeep. I keep it on the battery tender and keep the gas tank topped up. I really hope to have it back on the road seriously, but until then it’s holding up quite well. Here’s what it looks like post refurbishment.

We’re both still holding up after 22 years together and we’re still weathering a pandemic together.

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