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March 15, 2022

Black Jeep in the Family

Personally, black is my least favorite color for a vehicle. It shows dirt easily and it ages especially poorly.

In 2000, I was shopping for a new Jeep. I was upgrading from a green 1995 with a manual shift and four cylinder engine, and had decided on an automatic transmission with the legendary (to Jeep people) 4.0 liter straight six.

As it turned out, to get that equipment from the Jeeps then on my dealer’s lot, I had to go with the top-of-the-line Sahara package. The dealer had four of them when I visited, all different colors and with virtually identical equipment. There was black, green, a dark blue called “Patriot Blue,” and a sort of metallic beige called “Desert Sand Pearl.”

I was leaning towards Desert Sand Pearl. It isn’t normally “my” color, but it looks good on a Jeep. I was about to make the call when an impulse struck. I called home. As I expected my daughter, then in her early teens, answered.

“Blue, black, green or beige?” I asked.

She paused for just a few seconds and said “black.”

Almost 22 years later, here it is. I had the paint touched up last year because it looked atrocious and a couple of rust spots were forming.

When I bought my next Jeep almost 9 years later, I chose silver—a vast improvement in my book, and a much more forgiving color.

I bought it in black to make my daughter happy. Otherwise Desert Sand Pearl all the way.

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