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October 9, 2017

The Life-changing Key to Rebecca

Lives, careers, and friendships can be altered forever by a chance event.

The beginning of my senior year, I transferred to the University of Redlands (U of R), a well-respected private school in southern California. Previously I had attended a college in the southeast but, as tuition rose and my scholarship remained fixed, I was unable to continue. The U of R helped me apply for a Federal financial aid program called BEOG (known as Pell Grants today). While U of R was an expensive school, I was given grants and campus employment that enabled me to complete my degree.

When SAP Careers Hit the Mud

[This is a blog I wrote for an SAP careers firm.]

Here’s a getaway idea for those of you who enjoy driving off road, or would like to give it a spin. SAP customer Jaguar Land Rover offers an Experience Drives platform where, at 50 centers around the world, customers can test drive a Land Rover over inclines, descents, and side slopes; through water obstacles, and across muddy terrain – all with an expert coach who’ll keep you from getting in too deep.