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November 14, 2019

Yes, I Once Hired Bob Newhart

Cool things happen when you move – like finding things you’d forgotten. In 2005 at Unisys I used co-funding from Microsoft to create a campaign aimed at proof-of-concept for Windows as a datacenter operating system (OS), hosted by super-expensive 32-processor Unisys servers. The problem: nobody trusted Windows as a datacenter OS.

November 4, 2019

My Sundays with Ghosts

Source: Google Earth

America's ghost towns lose their populations through attrition, natural calamities, economics, eminent domain, or disasters of our own making. Sometimes they retain a small population, but whatever the cause and the scale of their demise, they become shadows as residents uproot or die, abandoning dwellings, businesses, and artifacts to the mercy of critters, decay, metal detectorists, and adventure seekers.