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August 10, 2017

Marketing: A Walking Shadow?

By early 2003 I had lost count of the growing number of my fellow marketers—people whom I’d known, in many cases, for years—who had arisen from their blankets one morning as newly-spawned experts in social media.
I was mystified. Social media was in its infancy, and I was still grappling with the basics, the most elusive among them being: how do I use this tactic in the world of marketing and selling a complex B2B offering to drive demand? Or can I?

My blog on AI and Machine Learning

A blog on machine learning (the original was linked here).

"Alexa, tell me a joke"
"Siri, what´s the weather going to be like in London tomorrow?"
These are everyday questions, asked by humans, answered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Siri and Alexa are automated personalities, integrated into the domestic sphere. Imagine a world, where your alarm clock tells the coffee machine to ensure a cappucino is ready by the time you reach the kitchen. A world, where cars no longer require a driver. A world, where board members are replaced by AI.