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November 30, 2017

Remembering Ms. Emma Kelley

This is my dad, Cecil Baker Egerton, ca. 1930, with Emma Kelley who worked for the family as cook and nanny from the 1920's until her retirement in the early 60’s. I believe my earliest recollection in life is of sitting on the kitchen counter at my grandparents’ home in Knoxville, Tennessee, dangling my feet off the edge watching Emma prepare a meal. I remember her speaking softly to herself as she worked. (My mother later told me that Emma’s name for me was “Cecil’s boy.”)

Why I'll be Mailing Your Fire Extinguisher "Later"

Dear Kidde:
I feel we’re making progress on this fire extinguisher recall, about which I posted earlier. Now, having worked through much of the process, I have a few suggestions.