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November 30, 2017

Why I'll be Mailing Your Fire Extinguisher "Later"

Dear Kidde:
I feel we’re making progress on this fire extinguisher recall, about which I posted earlier. Now, having worked through much of the process, I have a few suggestions.
I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I received a replacement fire extinguisher from you. And thank you for including a return shipping label and a box suitable for returning my old one (the one you originally sold me with the cheap plastic nozzle and handle). Unfortunately, you didn’t include a strip of packing tape and, since I didn’t have any in the house and didn’t want to make a special trip to buy some, I just set the unsealed box aside for “later.”

That was a good thing because I then got a letter from you telling me to use a different method for returning the package. As you can see, my letter was incorrectly printed. I can read the phone number I’m supposed to call, but I can’t tell whose number it is because that part ran off the page. I still don’t have packing tape, though, so I’ll get to it “later.”

Last point: the new fire extinguisher seems improved. The cheap plastic nozzle and handle of the old one are now made of different material on the new one. It doesn’t really feel like metal; more like some kind of resin. But maybe I’m wrong about that, not being a metallurgist. I'm still uneasy about the product's quality compared to its competitors, although I do feel it has improved.

In future, I recommend building good quality products with good quality material. It seems that would have made this whole process nonexistent. And the box with your old fire extinguisher in it wouldn't now be sitting on my office floor for "later." Just my $.02. #KiddeRecall

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