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August 11, 2016

The Prodigal TJ, Part 3

Every Jeep project includes a set of tires....

In this case, thanks to CraigsList, I was able to acquire them (along with an old-school set of steel 5-spoke Jeep wheels of YJ / Cherokee vintage) for a very low price. It meant a 45-mile drive each way, to Willow Grove, PA, but it was worth it.
The spare (the one on top of the shorter stack) is a different size and brand, and seriously dry rotted. But I needed a matching 5th wheel, and so I bought it.

The tires are Kumhos, a budget brand made in Vietnam. But the treads are good and will last me a while.

They'll definitely need some clean up. In fact, once I get to correcting the corrosion spots on the Jeep I plan to have them painted black by a body shop.

These are size 31 x 10.5 x 15 - the largest tire size that can fit onto a stock TJ with no lift. The seller had just purchased a set of 33" tires for his TJ with 4" lift, so he posted his 31"s for sale. And so it goes; the eternal circle.

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