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May 31, 2017

Once Every Friday

I write a lot of white papers here at RES. But we have a lot to talk about, and many of us have unique perspectives to offer. For years, we’ve built our team with people from many countries who can really light the fuse when it comes to transforming how IT serves the business. That team includes software developers, support engineers, professional services, and many supporting people. It also includes the people in our Marketing and Sales teams who listen to buyers every day. We do it to understand their needs and to convey the RES vision to them in the most relevant, impactful way.

We also listen because we believe a vision of transforming how IT serves the business begins – not in the future – but in understanding the past as each buyer knows it. “Old world” business processes that still prevail in many parts of the enterprise today were once, after all, relevant, efficient and state of the art. They were designed and deployed by smart people working within the technological, procedural, organizational, budgetary and regulatory constraints of an earlier time. Nothing is created in a vacuum. (Actually, there’s some interesting research on that topic by, among others, Dutch physicist Hendrick Casimir. But that’s another story).

As we’ve listened, we’ve found that IT delivers technology services to its business users in a manner that is very often far behind the times. To quote ourselves: “Nobody’s fooled by web interfaces and online forms. What lies behind them is a cumbersome web of service tickets, help desk procedures, manual resolutions, unpredictable human interactions and, all-too-often, waiting: waiting for IT to manually perform the necessary technical changes in the infrastructure so the ticket can be resolved and the user’s need met. It’s a ramshackle system that hasn’t fundamentally changed in decades.”

Yes, it’s the story of the shoemaker’s children. IT is delivering incredible technology that can power enterprise productivity like at no other time in human history. But the technologies that deliver this power are complex and often overlaid onto operational processes that don’t approach the efficiencies within reach today.

There is a better way. RES believes that modern workspaces should be tailored to each worker based on his or her location, device, time of day and security needs, and they should adapt just as dynamically as workstyles do. Together the RES team and your IT team can revolutionize service delivery with an automated, people-centric service machine that delivers better business results, a great user experience, superior security, easier compliance and lower costs. And if that doesn’t add up to transformation, what does? That’s our vision. Read on to learn more.

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